The Rise of Personalized Videos: A Way to Reconnect with Our Audience

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The rise of personalized videos is one of the most promising trends in advertising. Personalized videos are more relevant to viewers and offer an interactive experience for them. Personalized video marketing offers a way to reconnect with your audience, something that has become increasingly difficult in recent years.

In our new article we will explain what personalized video marketing consists of and give a series of reasons why personalized videos are more successful.

What are personalized videos?

Personalizing a video means adding information about the viewer: their name, location, interests, products from their shopping cart, etc. This will allow you to target them with specific information that is relevant to them. Personalized videos can be created by adding dynamic fields that need to be fed by data. This can be achieved from an already collected database or by using interactive questions or prompts that are embedded in the video itself.

Personalized videos differ from ordinary pre-recorded videos because they are tailored specifically to a viewer, and they are not too generalist. Personalized video marketing is something relatively new. Personalized videos are one-on-one conversations between a brand and its audience so you can speak to them directly. Personalized video marketers segment their user base, so the video they create is customized to each user’s needs and interests.

Personalized videos can be a very attractive advertising format for brands and advertisers since the content is adapted to the interests of the user. Personalized video marketing offers many advantages that will allow you to get better results compared to traditional ad formats. Here are some of these advantages.

Personalized videos are more effective at attracting audiences

Personalized videos are more effective at engaging the audience. Personalizing the user experience for each visitor creates a better product that leads to higher retention rates and better brand recall. According to HubSpot Research, personalized videos could be the key to creating successful marketing campaigns: “Marketers who use personalization enjoy 55% more click-through rates (CTR), 58% less cost per acquisition (CPA), and 53% less cost-per-click (CPC) than those who don’t.”

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The human touch of personalized videos makes them more memorable

There are two key elements to make personalized videos more memorable: Personalization and human touch. Personalized messages are genuine and authentic, so they are often very effective in establishing a relationship with viewers. The personal character of your video will make you stand out from others, providing you with a competitive advantage that will allow you to connect with your audience better than other companies. Personalized videos are more memorable because they help viewers relate to the video and experience it on a deeper level.

You can increase the personalization of your custom videos by choosing specific images that reflect who you’re targeting or by offering customization options such as colors, logos, backgrounds, etc. Personalized videos benefit especially if we incorporate a human element. Personalized videos that use a person tend to outperform those that don’t because people naturally gravitate toward other human beings, especially in the case of health- or beauty-related products and services.

The important thing is not only to have a personalized video, but to create an experience with it. Personalization allows you to create a relationship with your audience, so they want to follow the brand.

A personalized video can increase engagement by up to 202%

Studies like those conducted by Hubspot show that videos using custom CTAs can increase audience engagement by 202% and it makes sense why. Personalized videos touch on people’s emotional level and engage them in a deeper way than if they just watch a generic video. A personalized video reflects their life experiences, showing that they were heard and understood. Personalized videos are more likely to be shared and streamed, which increases brand awareness.

Studies have also shown that personalized videos increase engagement. For example, a study by Act-On showed that people who received personalized videos spent 62% more time on a campaign’s landing page than those who didn’t.

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Personalized videos are at your fingertips

Personalized videos are a new way for brands to reconnect with their audience. With the ability to personalize content based on individual preferences, personalized video advertising is more effective at capturing viewers’ attention and therefore becomes a more attractive format.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your campaign´s engagement or want to find out how personalized videos can help your marketing campaign grow, get in touch with us at The Hook.

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