How to improve a CTA: the steps to follow

A call to action is a vital component of any conversion rate optimisation strategy. A CTA is the most critical element in your campaign that can make or break your conversions. In this blog post, we’ll go over the steps you need to take to improve a CTA for your business and increase traffic, leads and sales.

Make the call to action clear in order to improve a CTA

If you are improving a CTA to be used on a website, it is important that it stands out and does not blend in or get lost with the design of your website. It should also make sense in the context of what you are selling and the product or service you are offering.


It is best to make sure that the CTA is clear and concise. Try to use simple words such as “buy now” rather than “get in touch”. Writing this more than once can help reinforce the message.


Other examples of clear CTAs could be:

  • “Go to the next page”.
  • “Find out more about our company and its services”.
  • “Click here for more information”
  • “Click here to download the report”
cta written on a computer keyboard

Encourage users to take action

An example of an incentive to follow a call to action is to connect it with something like a limited time offer or linking to an exclusive event. Many ecommerce sites have such offers that are designed to motivate people to buy your products quickly before the offer expires.


Another way to incentivise them is to mention the negative consequences of not following your instructions. For example, if you want them to subscribe to your email newsletter, you could mention that they will miss out on great content if they don’t subscribe right now.


Some examples of these types of incentives are:

  • “Sign up and get 20% off”.
  • “Buy now and get free shipping”
  • “Sign up for our newsletter and don’t miss out on our offers”.

Improving a CTA in this way is quite easy if you have a campaign running with powerful offers or if you have quality content to offer the user.

Improve a CTA using personalisation

The goal is to make sure that the call to action is relevant to the person who will receive it, and that it matches their expectations of what will happen next.

To do this, the most important thing you can do to improve a CTA is to personalise it. Personalised CTAs perform 202% better than basic CTAs.


Therefore, this is the best advice we can give you when it comes to improving a CTA: address it directly to the person who is going to receive it. To do so, we recommend you to start using personalised and smart CTAs in your websites, videos and emails.


Some examples of this type of CTAs are:

  • “Maria, book your hotel night in Madrid now”.
  • “Subscribe to receive the latest news about machine learning”.
  • “Sign up to get a discount on your flights to the Canary Islands”.

As you can see, personalised CTAs appeal directly to the user and their interests.

cta written on a computer keyboard

Start improving your CTAs now

CTAs are a powerful way to increase conversions, and there are many ways to improve yours. The best strategy is to personalise your CTA with language that speaks directly to the target audience of those who will see it, something we’ve been doing for years.


If you want us to help you increase your conversion rates through personalised CTAs, contact our team today!

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