3 Tricks To Create Mobile Videos That Succeed In Social Networks

It is a fact that all social networks tend to video. This is because videos are a great way to engage the audience and generate debate. Videos also have a longer lifespan than text posts, which means they’re more likely to be re-shared in the future.

All these benefits add up to the fact that the vast majority of users access social networks through a mobile device. So it’s no surprise that brands also want to have their own video content tailored especially for mobile. For those looking for tips on how to optimize their videos before posting them on social media, this blog post will provide you with 3 ways to make sure your videos are going to succeed in the eternal social media feed.

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Why Social Video Is So Successful

The very nature of the video format makes it more attractive than static images and text. Humans are used to watching videos on a daily basis and find it easy to relate to the way they display content. Videos are also easier than text in some cases, such as showing the appearance of an object or what happens when we do something concrete with it.

Video is also popular for its viral nature: once someone watches a video that entertains or informs them, they are more likely to share it with others.

For brands, video is a great way to connect with their audience both on and off the internet. It offers viewers the opportunity to experience what your brand is, with a greater emotional connection. It also allows them to establish a closer relationship and increase credibility.

That is why in the world of social networks where organic content is in a constant competition to attract the user’s attention, retain it and finally offer an emotional experience, the choice of video as a preferred format is a way to success.

But we can’t publish a video of our brand on social networks in the same way we would on other platforms. That is why here are 3 tricks that you must follow so that your mobile videos succeed in social networks. 

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A. Record In Portrait Mode

The first thing you should keep in mind when recording a video for your brand on social networks is to record in portrait mode. This will allow it to be more compatible with the different devices that are used on social networks, which are mostly mobile phones.

Recording videos vertically has another advantage that leads you to get more “likes” and “shares” on the most popular social networks such as Instagram or Facebook. This is because when users watch a video in their feed, they will be able to interact with it while scrolling without being forced to press the play before enjoying your content; he just sees it in its entirety during one of his scrolls.

B. Use Subtitles To Play Without Sound

Another important tip to make your mobile video content more successful on social media is to add subtitles. In this way it will be accessible to those who want to watch the video without disturbing those around them, such as in a public space such as an office, a coffee shop or the subway.

This also allows users from other languages who have more difficulty understanding a language orally to access the content of your videos. 

C. Keep Content Relevant To Your Audience, But Don't Be Afraid To Experiment With Different Types Of Content

A video can be whatever you want, as long as it’s relevant to your brand and what makes it stand out. Therefore, do not be afraid to try different formats or styles of videos for mobile that are compatible with the most popular social networks.

For example, using live streaming for brands creates a closer connection with audiences, leading to more likes and comments.

You can also try new and creative styles of videos, such as motion graphics or stop motion. Remember that you should always maintain the consistency of your content with what makes your brand unique, but the possibilities to experiment are endless.

Now It's Your Turn To Implement Your Mobile Video Strategy For Social Media

Video is a powerful tool for your social media marketing strategy. We have described 3 ways to adapt video content to the mobile video format, but we also want to talk about how important is not only what you produce, but also where and when you distribute it. With so much competition on social media, if you don’t post at the right times or don’t use hashtags correctly, your video may never be seen by anyone but those who already follow you online.

If this sounds like something that could help your business grow faster, contact us today! We are delighted to work with big brands or small businesses looking for advice on their digital strategies

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