What Is Text-to-speech And How Does It work?

Text-to-speech (or TTS) is a technology that allows humans to produce speech using only text. It is the process of taking written words and translating them into an audible voice. Amazing, isn’t it? This technology is capable of receiving text and reproducing it with a synthesized artificial voice.

This article explains the history, what it means for companies, how it works and why you should care about text-to-speech.

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What Is Text-to-speech?

Automated voices are one of the newest forms of artificial intelligence. They can generate any text read aloud or an entire sentence from scratch with a single word, making it possible for computers to speak any language fluently.

As mentioned above, text-to-speech is a technology that “reads” the text of any document or web page aloud. This technology is also known as speech synthesis or TTS (Text To Speech).

What Are The Uses Of Text-to-speech?

La conversión de texto a voz se utiliza por muchas razones diferentes.

Puede utilizarse para proporcionar accesibilidad a cualquier persona que no pueda leer el documento, como las personas ciegas o sordas. Las personas con discapacidad o movilidad reducida necesitan formas alternativas de acceder a la información. Esta tecnología les permite leer documentos web que normalmente no habrían podido utilizar.

También puede utilizarse para hacer más accesible la lectura de textos, por ejemplo para quienes la encuentran difícil o agotadora.

Por último, el text-to-speech tiene una gran utilidad a la hora de trabajar con clientes en un ámbito profesional.

mujer escuchando audio producido por text-to-speech

How To Use Text-to-speech To Boost Your Business?

Text-to-speech is an invaluable tool for business, especially for marketing. Marketers are using it more and more often to persuade their customers more effectively.

When it comes to generating content, text-to-speech conversion can be a perfect alternative. This is because it will save recording costs, the time of professionals, and provide a more fluid production process.

Videos can be created for a website or social media without the need to hire professional voice talent. There is also the possibility to add audio narration to an existing video material with subtitles. Adding audio will help increase engagement on your website and social networks, keeping the audience entertained for longer.

Why Is It Important To Start Generating Audio Content?

Audio content succeeds and attracts users for multiple reasons. Audio content is top of mind for consumers because it often helps users better understand a topic and stay engaged with your site or application.

We must keep in mind that the population is getting older, and that aging is associated with cognitive impairment. Making your content audio will make it easier for people who have difficulty reading text on the small screens of their mobile devices.

On the other hand, users are increasingly using mobile devices in search of convenience. An increasing share of time spent on digital content is spent on mobile, and it is much more convenient to receive information in voice format. This retains users and improves their user experience.

On average, a listener stays listening to content three times longer than a reader.

grupo de personas escuchando un audio producido por text-to-speech

Start Giving Voice To Your Content

Text-to-speech is a technology with a lot of potential. It makes reading easier and also helps to improve comprehension and time spent on a website.

For many companies, text-to-speech conversion is an invaluable tool in their digital marketing strategy – it could be you too!

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