What Are Voice Bots And The Added Value They Can Bring To Your Business?

Voice bots are an emerging technology that is rapidly making its way into the business world. It is an interface that can interact with people using natural language. In other words, it is possible for them to converse with humans.

Voice bots have been around for quite some time, but recently there has been a surge of interest from businesses looking for ways to automate customer service interactions.

In this article, we will discuss the basics of voice bots and how they can be used to add value to your business.

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What Are Voice Bots?

A voice bot is a computer programme that interacts with humans using natural language. This means that they are able to have a conversation with people in a natural way.

Thanks to technologies such as machine learning, sentiment analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP), voice bots are able to pick up people’s intentions and emotions during a conversation. This information can be used to improve the bot’s ability to predict future queries.

Voice Bots Will Perform Repetitive Tasks For You

The value of voice bots lies in performing certain repetitive tasks without losing the brand humanity of a conversation.

This means they can be used for specific functionalities such as booking appointments, updating customer records or resolving frequently asked questions. By having a bot handle these common activities, it ensures that human workers allocate their time to more complex and difficult queries.

Voice bots are not here to replace human workers, but to enhance the customer service experience.

For example, a restaurant could use voice bots to reserve tables for customers. This would free up valuable time for employees, who could focus on providing personalised service.

clienta feliz gracias a la atención de un voice bot

Voice Bots Are Available 24 Hours A Day

Voice bots are available 24 hours a day, which means they can be used to enhance the customer service experience.

For example, voice bots could be used by a business as an alternative way of receiving feedback from customers rather than waiting for them to log in and call or email your business.

This is especially useful if you have customers in different time zones.

Voice Bots Humanise Your Brand

There is a big difference between clicking on a website, receiving an email or having a conversation. As you can imagine, the fact that your customer can speak to resolve their queries, make a purchase or receive assistance makes your business seem more human.

When a customer can communicate with a company using natural language, the brand acquires a sense of humanity. This is because it feels like they are talking to another human, rather than talking to a machine.

In addition, voice bots can be used to collect customer feedback. This is useful because it allows companies to get feedback in real time, rather than waiting to analyse different metrics.

This is very interesting because it helps to create a connection between the customer and the company. It also makes the customer feel appreciated and valued.

Overall, voice bots are a valuable way for companies to connect with their customers and receive feedback.

When companies humanise their brand, they create a connection with customers that can be nurtured and strengthened over time. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and better positioning in customers’ minds.

hombre hablando con un voice bot

Give Your Business A Boost Using AI

There are many reasons to use voice bots in your business, but these are just a few. Saving time and costs, humanising your brand and being present 24 hours a day has never been closer.

If you’re ready to take a step forward with AI technology, contact us today! Our team can help you create an AI strategy that will boost your sales while saving costs.

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